Day 16: Tza­neen to Soweto

It’s a beau­ti­ful morn­ing and we’re well rested. Thank you for all your hos­pi­tal­ity and lovely food Lara & George at the Amble Inn just out­side of Tza­neen. Soon it is time to sad­dle up, with the next des­ti­na­tion, Soweto Cheshire Home in Gauteng.

Photo by Mary-Ann Palmer

Pierre Lund­berg from Air­borne Rid­ers joined the team at Kran­skop on the last stretch to Johannesburg.

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Day 5: Cape Town to Bar­ry­dale

We started fresh after a great night’s rest at the Tyger­berg Valley’s Pro­tea Hotel. Peo­ple were lined up from 8AM to start the blan­ket run with Dave Barr and the Rough Riders.

Photo by Nina Oosthuizen

Anton van Rooyen who also lost his legs and was in the 1 Mil­i­tary hos­pi­tal in Pre­to­ria along­side Dave Barr caught a lift with Barr.

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Day 4: Cape Town

A beau­ti­ful sunny and warm Cape Town­ian day – A Joburger cracks a joke, “This is the best kind of day for a real estate agent, just tell them the weather is like this all the time.” The weather in Cape Town might be mostly cold and wet but the peo­ple are warm and friendly.

Photo by Mary-Ann Palmer

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10 May Bloem­fontein BMW Motor­cy­cle Club — Inland

Ste­fan Boshoff is a big, strong, quiet guy, not at all easy to sum up, but when you’re with him, the air around him tells sto­ries of far off adven­tures and hav­ing seen and done things few people even dream of. Rid­ing behind him and watch­ing the way he han­dles his bike is quite a plea­sure. You can see he is rid­ing the bike and not the the other way around. His rid­ing style is not showy, just strong, com­pe­tent and qui­etly in charge. I can see why he is a Coun­try Trax instruc­tor.

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10 May Mid­del­burg to Eden­burg and Bloem­fontein 342km

Juanita Enslin was one of the first peo­ple to con­tact me when I first started post­ing details of our quest on Face­book. Her son, DJ, has cere­bral palsy, and her aunt lived in the PE Cheshire Home.

DJ was born small but with a big adven­tur­ous spirit, and would love to meet some­one like Dave Barr. Not many peo­ple like him visit Eden­burg though. It is a small, slighly run down Freestate town which gives the feel­ing that a lot of inter­est­ing his­tory must lie hid­den in the lovely stone build­ings. I won­der if any­one has taken the time to tell some of its stories.

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8 May — Part 2: PE Cheshire Home

I’m not all that fond of char­i­ties, and often find myself mis­trust­ing many aspects of it and am a lit­tle on the cyn­i­cal side when it comes to fund rais­ing.

Hillary from the Cleary Estate Cheshire Home made big strides towards con­vert­ing me to a dif­fer­ent way of think­ing. There are many gen­uine real, strong, car­ing peo­ple in South Africa if we just care to look, and she must be one of the best.

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8 May Part 1

One of the spe­cial aspects of rid­ing motor­cy­cles is that it is as much, or some­times more, about the jour­ney than about the des­ti­na­tion. You are in the moment all the time, in the scenery and experience every­thing more intensely than you pos­si­bly could while walk­ing or dri­ving in a car.

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7 May 2014 Bar­ry­dale to Sedge­field 288km

Jo intro­duced us to a beau­ti­ful lit­tle venue called Koe­does Kloof near Ladi­smith. The view is spec­tac­u­lar and the own­ers very hos­pitable. This also allowed Dave to fit a few km of dirt road into the day, he seems to man­age to fit dirt road in every day, and rides that Harley darn well on it as well.

From there we headed to George and Vossie’s Thun­der Cycles http://​www​.thun​der​cy​cles​.co​.za/​w​m​e​n​u​.​p​h​p

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Day 6 Cape Town to Bar­ry­dale via Cape Agul­has 407km

I’m not sure how many won­der­ful moments we can have in a day before you become numb to the bless­ings of each one. Some­times it is impor­tant to
have things not going smoothly, a dis­ap­pointment of sorts, or a big gap with a dose of bore­dom thrown in to help us appre­ci­ate those times of spe­cial beauty, sup­port, excite­ment and cama­raderie which is a big part of doing a tour like this.

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3 May Vic­to­ria West to Ladi­smith

3 May Vic­to­ria West to Ladi­smith 417km

This is my favourite photo of the tour so far.
It gets the clos­est to cap­tur­ing the beauty of the scenery we rode
through yes­ter­day. Dave is not scared of a dirt road on his Harley. Not
at all! We had to slow down for the pho­tog­ra­pher, but usu­ally there is plenty more dust trail­ing him and he looks so com­fort­able flanked by the KTM 690 and KTM 1190

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5 May Cape Town

It is quite pos­si­ble to write a whole book about our time in Cape Town and still leave impor­tant bits and pieces out.

Angus Brits and Der­rick Geary from the MOTHs were our com­pan­ions through the beau­ti­ful Mother
City (with its one and only moun­tain) and on to Bar­ry­dale. We miss them
ter­ri­bly already. Lots of good solid laughs and a few deeper
dis­cus­sion, they enriched all our lives and were a bril­liant sup­port
team. Angus was lead­ing at a com­fort­able pace with great aware­ness of
the rid­ers behind him and Der­rick always made sure that the very last
rider as well as our sup­port vehi­cle is guided where we need to go.

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2 May Kim­berly to Vic­to­ria West

2 May Rid­ing from Kim­berly to Vic­to­ria West. Com­fort­able 374km. Dave has now rid­den well over 1 000km in South Africa. He is amaz­ing on the bike, and with all our bikes. Moved my KTM 1190 from one fuel pump to another with ease… He likes to help wher­ever he can. Strong, hum­ble, real man.

In Brit­stown we stopped at a fill­ing sta­tion and we all noticed the beau­ti­ful Harley being refu­eled next to a don­key kart. Get­ting off the bikes, Dave rec­og­nizes his old friend Kurt, who he has not seen for 24 years. Need­less to say our arrival in Vic­to­ria West was a lit­tle later than planned that evening.

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1 May Deneysville Motor­cy­cle Museum and Kim­berly

1 May was a tough but bril­liant day for every­one on the tour. It started with an early, cold morn­ing at RSR and headed off to Deneysville His­toric Motor­cy­cle Museum, fol­lowed by a long ride to Kim­berly, a bril­liant talk in the Biker’s Church by Dave Barr and end­ing near mid­night after din­ner with Pas­tor Flip Kuhn and his lovely wife and daughter.

30 April Red Star Race­way

Start­ing the tour in this beau­ti­ful bik­ing venue, get­ting so much sup­port from Jacques, his wife Yolandie, Mar­ius, Char­lotte and the rest of the RSR team is a great omen for the rest of the tour.

There weren’t as many peo­ple as I had ini­tially hoped, but it was qual­ity over quan­tity. Janine Davies made a turn as well, one leg­end meet­ing a future one.

The Air­borne Rid­ers were well rep­re­sented, even though many had already headed off to SA Bike week in Margate

Wel­come to Chutz­pah

Leav­ing on the 15th of April 2015, Dave Barr will tour on a Harley David­son 1200 Sport­ster around South Africa, Vis­it­ing Cheshire Home in Cape Town, PE, Dur­ban and Johan­nes­burg, and meet­ing more of the won­der­ful peo­ple of South Africa to raise aware­ness for Cheshire Homes and the Quad­Para Asso­ci­a­tion of South Africa

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Dave Barr

Dave Barr, US Marine, Para­trooper in the Israeli Army, RLI Troopie and Para­bat Pathfinder is revis­it­ing South Africa, the land for which he gave his all.

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Cheshire Home South Africa

After more than forty eight years of ser­vice to Per­sons with Dis­abil­i­ties in South Africa, Cheshire Homes has accu­mu­lated a sub­stan­tial range of resources and ser­vicede­liv­ery pro­grammes, which are care­fully man­aged, in line with a ded­i­cated visio­n­and mis­sion refined in con­sul­ta­tion with Per­sons with Disabilities

Quad Para Asso­ci­a­tion of South Africa

QASA is a co-​ordinating, policy-​making, gov­ern­ing and­sup­port­ing organ­i­sa­tion.
The Asso­ci­a­tion strives to pre­vent spinal cord injury, as well as pro­tect and pro­mote the inter­ests of peo­ple with mobil­ity impair­ments by for­mu­lat­ing a national pol­icy and strat­egy, to develop and ensure the full poten­tial and qual­ity of their lives.

Main Spon­sors

Hoog­land Health Hydro

Hoogland Health Hydro

Hoog­land Health Hydro is a fam­ily owned busi­ness, spe­cial­is­ing in improv­ing phys­i­cal well­be­ing since 1977. Hoog­land prides itself in treat­ing guests as unique indi­vid­u­als and sup­port­ing and improv­ing the body’s own heal­ing abil­i­ties in a com­fort­able, nat­ural envi­ron­ment. Their team of med­ical and well­be­ing pro­fes­sion­als are highly expe­ri­enced and all cel­e­brate the tenac­ity of the human spirit. Few peo­ple embody spirit and tenac­ity as much as Dave Barr.